Medical College


 Project Name:

TMSS Medical College (TMC)

 Project Duration:

TMC has been established in 2008 through approval of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and the affiliating authority is Rajshahi University and now it is ongoing.

Name of Client/Project Authority: TMSS

Name of Funding Sources/Donors: TMSS and Own fund

Project Background:

TMSS Medical College (TMC) has been established in 2008 at TMSS Foundation Office in Bogra as it had a long felt the need of adding a Medical College with other educational and social welfare institutions through which the organization served the country. TMC is situated 6 km. far from north side of Bogra town near Historical place Mohastangare. The Medical College has been established as a constituent program of TMSS to build a strong health service provider. The approval authority of this institution is the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and the affiliating authority is Rajshahi University.

Project Goals/Objectives:


The goal of TMC is to educate the poor and meritorious students of the country and mentor future generations of expert clinicians and researchers.


  • To design programs that uses the rare resources and unique partnerships of this academic health sciences center.
  • To provide evidence support programs and graduates bring about improved health and well-being.
  • To develop human resources for the improvement of health status.
  • To build up qualified and skilled MBBS doctors.
  • To provide MBBS degree at non-government level.
  • To provide proper treatment to the patients through medical educational institution.
  • To help the country to meet up the qualified and skilled doctors.

Number and Type of Target Population/Beneficiaries:

In Four Batches total 255 Student Passed.

The poor and meritorious students of the country who pass their SSC and HSC examination with required GPA. The students must be competent, meritorious, sound-minded and current students according to the boards and other approval authorities. It is to be mentioned that TMSS as the philanthropically organization, it gives priority of the children of its beneficiaries as well as the children of the poor, hardcore poor from remote rural community as well. Target beneficiaries of the college in every session are to enroll 85 students.

Project Approach:

  • Class Lecturer,
  • Practical,
  • Demonstration,
  • Fieldwork,
  • Slide and video presentation
  • Cross-sharing, etc.
  • Practical classes that emphasis the basic fundamental knowledge required to learn the simple as well as advanced skills of scanning.

Core/major Activities:

Conduction of academic activities according to BM&DC rules and regulations and affiliating authority. Moreover, students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities such as:

●Different types of indoor games. ●Common Room Activities. ●National days celebration. ●Sports & Games (out door). ●Cultural events like song, Dance, Debate, Drama,seminars, publications of Annual Magazine, etc. ●Study Tour. ●Annual Sports. ●To walk in the area to TMSS natural eco-park besides the Hostel. ●Humanitarian services such as free blood donation and free medicine supply for poor patients, relief works during natural calamities such as cyclones, floods, epidemics etc.

Project Achievements/Key Success:

There are ongoing four batches in this medical college. A total number of 255 students covering 1st batch, 2nd, 3rd and 4th batch are studying in this institution.